Is our “Joy Retreat” too indulgent for the world’s crises?

Joy Retreat

Is our “Joy Retreat” too indulgent for the world’s crises? In a world full of chaos, suffering, and turmoil, what place does a “Joy Retreat” have? Shouldn’t we be meditating! This retreat will embrace the world’s suffering AND use the power of joy for individual and collective healing. Some spiritual and buddhist folks who run […]

RMERC Updates – November 2020

Ecodharma Leaders at RMERC, 2019

This year has been extraordinarily challenging for everyone, so we are pleased to send you this update on how RMERC is doing today: what’s been accomplished so far, what has happened this year, and our plans for 2021.   It’s hard to believe that the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center began just three and a […]

Inner and Outer Nature: an Ecodharma Retreat

A two week retreat led by David Loy and Johann Robbins On a sunny July morning a group of meditators is sitting beside a creek in the Rocky Mountains. The teacher gives instructions on paying attention to what is seen, heard and felt, and any feelings of gratitude, joy and love that might arise in […]

Is the Eco-Crisis a Spiritual Crisis?

Many people assume that if we just convert to renewable sources of energy, our economy and society can continue to function indefinitely in much the same way that they have been doing. But the climate crisis, urgent though it is, is only the tip of an ecological iceberg that has more profound implications for the […]

Summer 2017 at RMERC: A video

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center

Many thanks to Janine Ibbotson for this beautiful video that captures summer activities at RMERC in 2017! We are now actively renovating to ready for summer 2018. See you then!

What is Ecodharma?

(By David Loy) Ecodharma is a relatively new word, and its meaning is by no means fixed. The term combines the teachings of Buddhism and related spiritual traditions (dharma) with ecology or ecological concerns (eco). A bit more specifically, ecodharma can be understood as a new development in contemporary Buddhism, in response to the ecological crisis […]