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Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of RMERC Membership?

  • Be part of the only Ecodharma retreat center in the USA
  • Help keep retreats available to low income and underserved communities
  • Enjoy unlimited Free Hiking on RMERC Trails (hiking is now for Members and their Guests Only)
  • Deepen Your Practice on Self-Retreats at our newly renovated 1885 Cabin (Self Retreats are for Members Only)
  • Attend Exclusive Member-Only Events with Ecodharma Leaders, many for free, both on-line and in person
  • Couples Memberships reduce the cost of memberships for households.

Q & A

What are the conditions of membership?

  • On joining RMERC, I understand that my Membership Benefits are for my personal use only, and I agree not to share my login information with anyone else, or to allow any other person to use or access any of my Membership Benefits.
  • Benefits apply only if your membership is active. (Or, Your membership must be active at the time of benefit use.)

I have a coupon code for Membership; how do I use it?

  • You can enter your coupon code during ‘checkout’, by clicking the link ‘Have a coupon?’ located directly below the address field.

How do I access my Member Benefits and manage my Membership account?

  • Members can access their benefits and manage their account by logging in on the Account page.
  • After logging in, Members can see a summary of benefits on the Membership Benefits page, and can access those benefits in the different areas of the website: Hiking, Self Retreats, Member News, etc.
  • Couples can use the login credentials of the Primary Account Holder to access their benefits. Note that the Primary Account Holder is responsible for managing a Couples Membership.
  • On the Account page, profile fields for Partner name are only required for Couoles Memberships; Individuals can mark those fields as ‘NA’ if updating their profile.
  • Need help with your account? Please contact the RMERC registrar if you need assistance.

Will my membership be charged automatically?

  • Yes, membership fees will be changed automatically to your credit card or Paypal account at the beginning of each billing cycle (monthly or annual). Annual members will receive a reminder notification prior to billing.

Can I cancel my membership?

  • You can cancel your membership at any time. Note that your membership will remain active until the end of the membership billing cycle (monthly or annual).
  • We do not offer refunds on cancelled memberships.
  • If paying by credit card, you can cancel your subscription on your Account > Subscriptions page, or contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • If paying by Paypal, you must login to your Paypal account and navigate to Automatic Payments to cancel your recurring payment to RMERC. After logging in to Paypal, go to Account Settings (upper right under your name) > Money Banks and Cards > Set Automatic Payments (button at bottom of page) > click on your subscription and select Cancel (above the payment details).

Can I change my membership level, or add a partner to my membership plan?

  • Yes, you can change your membership level on the Subscriptions tab of your Account page,  by selecting ‘Change Plan’ to the right of your subscription.
  • Note, if you are paying by Paypal, you may need to modify or delete your original subscription in your Paypal account. See information above for how to access your Automatics Payments in Paypal.

Can you explain the couples membership option, and how I add a partner to my membership?

  • Each person in a couples membership has the same benefits. They can each login to the member sections of the website, and they each receive member newsletters.
  • To add a partner, the primary member goes to their account page, and under Subscriptions they can add their partner, send them a welcome email, and add them as a user on the website.

Can I update my credit card or Paypal account information?

  • To update your credit card information, go to the  Subscriptions tab of your Account page,  and select Update to the right of your subscription.
  • To update your Paypal account information, you must login to your Paypal account to make any necessary changes. You may need to modify or cancel your current membership and create a new membership with your new Paypal information.

Will the benefits of membership remain the same during my membership period?

  • Benefits of memberships may change from year to year, or within a given year for unusual or unforeseen circumstances.

For other contact information, see Contact Us.

  • If you are inquiring about details regarding a specific retreat, please contact the retreat organizers directly. Thank you!
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