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General information

See the Hiking Page for general information, including trail maps and availability. Download the hiking map here.

Hiking Reservations

See availability on the Hiking Calendar (opens in a new window) and make reservations on the Hiking Reservations page to reserve your trail for the day!


See the RMERC Waiver and Documents page

RMERC Hiking Policies

To keep myself, the land, and others safe; all members of our group agree to adhere to the following, and understand this permit is valid only under the following conditions:
  1. The persons named in the reservation and signed below are the only people allowed in the group. Groups are limited to a minimum of two people (no solo hiking, there is no cell service at RMERC if you get lost or injured), and max of five people, coming in one car.
  2. Only adults over the age of 18, or children in the care of a parent or legal guardian are allowed. YOU MAY NOT BRING A DOG, HORSE, OR ANY OTHER ANIMAL, EVEN IF IT IS A SUPPORT OR SERVICE ANIMAL, NOT EVEN IN YOUR CAR. We have many moose, and they will freak out and can become dangerous if they hear, see, or smell a dog.
  3. Everyone in the group stays together (do not split up) on the designated trail and date of our reservation. Walking or snowshoes only, no bikes.
  4. Parking is in the guest lot; please close the gate if you are the last car out.
  5. Stay far from wildlife and make noise in areas where animals may be hidden, so as not to surprise them. Moose can become dangerous if they feel surprised, cornered, or threatened. Check yourself for ticks, and do not keep any food or cosmetics in your car, which should be locked, as bears may be around. Never feed or touch a wild animal.
  6. The lodge is off limits or locked, so bring everything you need: food, water, toilet paper, first aid kit, etc. While you can urinate anywhere, bury feces at least 6” deep in soil, and take out all used toilet paper; do not bury it, it won’t decompose but will get dug up by animals.
  7. Fires, smoking, flames, weapons, or firearms, of any type, are not allowed at RMERC.
Our east neighbor has a very friendly black Lab, “Raven”, who loves to play fetch. If he shows up, please do not throw anything, or encourage him: just ignore him so he goes home.



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