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Enjoy Solitude, Nature, Peace, and Beauty: Take A Hike At RMERC

During the summer and between residential retreat programs, you can come hike, meditate, and enjoy the land. Now more than ever we have a need for nature, solitude, beauty, and peace. What better place to find it than RMERC, especially as most of the local trails are so crowded. To balance the demands of interest and safety, we allow one reservation per day on our two shorter trails (Bill’s Loop and Glacier View), and two reservations per day on our two longer Trails (South Forest Loop and Outback Loop). Each reservation is for 2-4 people total (no solo hiking) in 1 or 2 cars. Dogs (including service or support dogs), pets, animals, and bikes are not allowed. The lodge is closed to hikers, so you will be very much on your own while up there, though there is an emergency landline located under the lodge. It is possible that someone will be in the lodge while you are on the land, so please be courteous. They may be practicing inside or on the deck. Reservations are first come first serve, and you can return as often as you like.

Trails. There are four trails available (see map below). All are easy to moderate, flagged, and clear to follow. Watch for junctions; they have a cairn (small rock pile) and flags in each direction.

Bills Loop, about ¾ mile, our easiest trail, offers lots of creekside access, and wonderful views from the top. You can also cross the bridge and enjoy The Meadow.

Glacier View Trail is about 1.5 miles round trip, and after a few switchbacks up to the ridge is gentle rolling terrain to a wonderful view of Indian Peaks. You can also go up to The Rockpile, great views there too.

South Forest Loop Trail, just over 2 miles round trip, easy to moderate climb and descent, goes up to Mariposa Bluff, with more great views of Indian Peaks. You can also enjoy The Meadow, and sit by the creek at Aspen Bend.

The Outback Loop, our longest trail, is almost 3 miles including a side trip to Schmoll’s Knoll, with amazing 360 degree views. The Outback Glade, at the NE apex, is a beautiful place to sit or have lunch as well. (Note: the Knoll requires a bit of scrambling to get to the top)

Hiking is offered freely; no donation is required, but we very much appreciate it if you can. While RMERC is closed we are not receiving income from retreats, and some expenses continue, such as insurance, repairs, utilities, light staff, mortgage, etc. Please donate as much as you can during this difficult time. If your finances are stressed such that you cannot make a donation, we understand, and are happy you will be hiking. You can see the reservation calendar below. If there is already a reservation for a trail on a certain date, you will see it in the calendar. You cannot select a date/trailhead which is already reserved! Available days are blank, and there are 6 options for trails per day, so any days that have less than 6 holds still have availability.

Please do not send a request for a date/trailhead that already has a reservation in it. This calendar displays all reservations that have been confirmed up until this point. Please choose a date/trailhead which does NOT currently have a reservation on this calendar. There is only ONE reservation per day for Bill’s Loop and Glacier View trails, and TWO reservations per day for Outback Loop and South Forest Loop. PLEASE LOOK AT THE CALENDAR BELOW BEFORE CHOOSING DATES ON THE FORM!!

See the Calendar on a Smartphone or in a Separate Tab

To make a hiking reservation please check the calendar, and then fill out the following form. Once we receive the request, we will follow up with a waiver that everyone in your party will be required to sign. Once everyone has finished the waiver, the group lead will receive the permit along with other useful information. Please allow a few days for this process after submitting the request. If everyone in your group has already signed the waiver because of a previous hike, it is possible that you could get the permit within 2 or 3 days. If anyone in your group needs to sign the waiver, please provide more advanced notice to allow everyone time to find, read, and sign the waiver.

Please review the reservations already in the calendar above before submitting this form. Please DO NOT request a date/trailhead which already has a reservation.


Trails: There are four trails available (see map below). All are easy to moderate, flagged, and clear to follow. Watch for junctions; they have a cairn (small rock pile) and flags in each direction. If you are not going to use your permit and need to reschedule, please let us know. Please do not request trails/dates that are already reserved. Please consult the calendar above. Please leave a reasonable amount of time between your request and the date of your hike, as the process of signing the waiver and receiving the permit can take 1-4 days and sometimes longer.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Everyone in the group stays in the designated zone, date, and time specified in our reservation. Parking is in the guest lot; make sure to close the gate if you’re the last car out.
  2. The persons named in the reservation who have signed a waiver are the only people allowed in the group. Groups are limited to a minimum of two people (no solo hiking – there is no cell service at RMERC, though there is an emergency landline beneath the lodge), and a max of four people, coming in one or two cars, from no more than two households or cohorts (people sheltering in place together).
  3. Hiking is only allowed on the trail or trails specified in our reservation. Going off the trail is not allowed. Hiking or snowshoes only, no bikes or horses.
  4. The group will stay together as a group with appropriate distancing, and if we see other people on the land, the group will maintain a wide distance of at least 50 feet from them. Splitting up or changing groups is not allowed.
  5. Staying far from wildlife encountered, and making noise in areas where animals may be hidden to not surprise them. Moose can be anywhere, and are dangerous if they feel surprised, cornered, or otherwise threatened. Check yourself for ticks, they are out now.
  6. The lodge is closed and locked, so bring what you need: food, water, toilet paper, first aid kit, etc. While you can urinate anywhere, bury feces at least 6” deep in soil, and bring out any used toilet paper. Do not bury toilet paper, it won’t decompose but will get dug up by animals.
  7. Only people over the age of 18, or children who stay in close proximity to their parents are allowed. YOU MAY NOT BRING YOUR DOG, EVEN IF IT IS A SUPPORT OR SERVICE ANIMAL. We are sorry, but this is an absolute rule. Moose freak out and can become deadly if they hear, see or smell a dog.
  9. FIREARMS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the property.

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