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Self Retreats at RMERC

When not otherwise in use, the RMERC Lodge is available for Self Retreats, either by one person or by small groups of two to five. Self retreats are a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s practice.

Application requirements, cost, and a calendar of availability are  below. The surrounding land and hiking trails are also available to self retreatants, as noted below.

Covid Policies for Self Retreats

All self retreatants must either be vaccinated (vaccinations completed 10 days or more before the start of the retreat) or have a negative covid test completed within 72 hours of the start of the retreat and wear a mask while in the presence of others.

Application Requirements

To be considered for a Self Retreat, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • must have intentions for a contemplative self retreat
  • must have a short reference letter from a teacher that knows your practice and your intentions for the retreat (see the Online Reference option here), or be a teacher in a recognized spiritual tradition

Small groups of 1 to 5 persons may apply for a Self Retreat. One person must be designated as leader, and each individual must complete their own application.


We offer sliding-scale pricing for Self Retreats. There is a 2-night minimum. Prices are per person and do not include food.

  • Discounted rate: $75 per night
  • Baseline (True Cost): $100 per night
  • Donor: $150 per night
  • Benefactor: $175 per night

Pricing is reduced by 10% for 3 or more people, and also reduced by 10% for 3 or more nights, for a maximum 20% discount if both criteria are met . Note that all retreatants must complete the application and approval process. All amounts over “Baseline” are a tax deductible donation.

Payments and Cancellations: Full payment is required within 3 days of approval of your application to confirm your retreat (we will send a request for payment by Paypal or credit card). For cancellations more than 40 days in advance of the retreat, RMERC will offer a full refund less a $75 administrative fee; no refunds are offered for cancellations 40 days or less in advance of the retreat.

In the unlikely event that RMERC needs to cancel your Self Retreat for unforeseen circumstances (e.g. emergencies, extreme weather, major repairs), you will be able to reschedule your retreat or receive a full refund.

Details of the Retreat Environment

Resident managers at the RMERC Lodge may or may not be present during your retreat, but they will check you in and out. You will be entirely responsible for all food, cooking, and cleaning all rooms and spaces you used in the lodge when you are done. If you want the resident managers to shop and/or cook for you, you may be able to arrange that with them for a cost.

Check In and Check Out Times

Check in is after 4 pm on days that a group retreat is ending, and after 3PM other days (we will let you know).

Check out time is by 10 am on days that a group retreat is starting, and by 11 am on other days. All cleaning must be completed by checkout time.

Hiking during Self Retreats

Individuals on Self Retreat may walk to the Barn, the Meadow, Aspen Bend, and up to the Rock Pile at any time. Other hiking trails are available as follows: each Self Retreat group of 1-5 people may reserve one trail per paid day at no charge. We will invite you to make trail reservations after acceptance of your application. If you wish to reserve additional trails during a Self Retreat, then you can reserve and pay through the hiking reservation system.

NOTE: Light Construction during May and 1st week of June

We will be constructing a new deck on the east side of the lodge during May and 1st week of June, and during this time there will be some construction noise during this time (Monday-Saturday, 9-4 pm). The zendo and trails and nearby land should be pretty quiet, but please account for this possible disruption.

Self Retreat Availability

Open dates on the calendar show nights that are available for Self Retreat. (Best viewed in Chrome or Edge on a PC, or Chrome or Safari on a Mac.)

Self Retreat Application

Please complete the Self Retreat Application here.

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