Rocky Mountain

Ecodharma Retreat Center

A Home for Meditation in Nature


  • CAMPING – $570.00
  • CURTAIN ROOM (no photo available) – $650.00
  • GLAMPING TENT – $590.00
  • RV CAMPING 1 - Lodge Parking Area – $650.00
  • RV CAMPING 2 - Overflow Parking Area – $650.00
  • SEMI-PRIVATE NOOK (Single) – $650.00
  • SINGLE ROOM – $690.00
  • DOUBLE (2 single beds; cost is for double occupancy) – $1,140.00
  • DOUBLE (1 double bed; cost is for double occupancy) – $1,140.00

Date & Time Details:
Arrival Time: 4 p.m. Sunday, August 21
Departure Time: 1 p.m. Thursday, August 25

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Registration Questions:
Contact Kathy: [email protected]

Regular Pricing:
Starting at $570

Contact Rochelle-BEFORE REGISTERING at: [email protected]

Registration and Program Payments:
$120 non-refundable registration fee. Full payment due 45 days before the program starts (your credit card will be automatically charged at this time).

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Healing with Nature

With Rochelle Calvert and Gregory Crespo

August 21 - 25, 2022

Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center is an ideal location for this nature meditation retreat. The center is extraordinarily beautiful, pristine and peaceful, with a wide variety of trails, wildflower-covered alpine meadows, creeks, and rocky crags. The mountains, forests and river naturally work to settle the mind, while living and practicing together creates personal connections and mutual support.

Healing with Nature

This nature-centered mindfulness and meditation retreat is an opportunity to heal, re-connect and re-emerge into a greater sense of wholeness in the beautiful landscape of the Colorado Mountains.

Through this retreat, we will explore how nature-based practices, our relational connection to the natural world, and related somatic experiencing can support healing and transformation of challenging or traumatic experiences.

We will have an opportunity to study, practice, and integrate the wisdom of these teachings in the community.  You will have the opportunity to relax and reflect, be led on nature meditations, reflective journaling exercises, and beautiful hikes, all while strengthening your skills to integrate it all into your everyday life.

Example of Daily Schedule:

6am – Wake up bell
6:30 – Meditation
7:15  – Breakfast
8:30 – Morning program
12:00 – Lunch
12:30-2pm – Free time
2:00 – Afternoon program
5:00 – Dinner
6:00 – Evening program
8:30-9:00 – Ready for bed/sleep

What You Will Love:

– Guidance and instruction in all of the activities described above

– Sitting, walking, and playtime in a beautiful wild setting

– Free time for rest

– Evening “community-building” and celebration

– One-on-ones with the teachers

– Delicious plant-based meals, and tea and coffee

– Your choice of lodging: a single room or outdoor tent site

What You Should Know:

This is a Covid vaccination-safe retreat. Everyone will have complete Covid vaccination, and will provide a negative covid test at check-in.  Therefore we will be free of the need for masks and social distancing. We look forward to being in sangha safely and without fear, enjoying the human contact we all need and want.

– Our retreat is designed to be enjoyable, not rigorous … and participants are expected to have an open mind and heart as we build our community and share experiences together:

– There will be a flow between alone time and group time, but come prepared to enjoy others, and participate in community and group activities.

–Use of silence: every effort is made to support a deep and fruitful retreat, and noble silence can be a valuable part of the process. We will weave periods of silence into the retreat at strategic times, to allow you to go deeper within. Some meals may be in silence.

-We will all share in the community work around meal preparation and cleanup. You will be able to choose your helper/yogi job. Most participants find serving others in this way quite enjoyable, and a great opportunity for practice in action.

-Some mindfulness experience is valuable but not required, and beginners are welcome. Complete mindfulness instructions will be given, appropriate for your level.

-If you choose to camp, then some camping experience (car camping or backpacking) is helpful, but not required. You can stay as close to the Lodge or as far away as you like.

-You should be in good health, able to sit and walk outdoors, tolerate the 8,500-foot elevation, and smile through sudden weather changes.

-Bring the necessary clothing and equipment to enjoy being outdoors in a variety of conditions. We will be able to be indoors in inclement weather but otherwise will be sitting, eating and walking outdoors.

-Please note that the center is at 8,500 feet, similar to most Colorado ski towns. If you are concerned about acclimating from sea level, please consider a day or two in the Denver/Boulder area before the retreat. You may also want to consider bringing supplements to support acclimation.

-It is important to us that everyone makes a commitment to be present for the entirety of the retreat (from Sunday at 4 pm through Thursday at 1 pm), so please plan your travel arrangements accordingly! The program starts: Thursday, August 21st at 4 pm, and ends August 25th at 1pm

-You will be unplugged and out of cell phone or wifi reach — during the retreat. Please complete all personal business before you arrive. The staff will have the ability to make and receive emergency calls on your behalf, but the phone is not available for personal use.

Additional  Information:

Covid Information (read carefully)-updated 4/20/22

Please read the complete RMERC covid policy here. To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, RMERC requires results of a negative covid test to be presented upon arrival at RMERC. In addition, all participants must be fully vaccinated, with results uploaded to our system 2 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. See complete details here: https://rmerc.org/covid-policies/The Covid policy may change at anytime as covid protocols shift. 

Food & Lodging Prices for Entire Retreat 8/21-25

This retreat is mostly a camping retreat. However, a limited number of rooms will be available in the lodge for those who have proof of a Covid vaccination and booster. All lodge rooms are for single individuals or couples already living together.

$570 – Camping
$590 – Glamping
$650 – Semi-private Nook (single)
$650 – Curtain Room
$690 – Single Room
$1,140 – Double (2 single beds; couples only; cost per couple)
$1,140 – Double (1 double bed; couples only; cost per couple)

Teacher Donations (Dana)

None of this cost share goes to the teachers or to the manager, who are solely supported by the dana (generosity) of the participants. In the tradition of the Buddha, teachings are offered without a set fee, keeping costs as low as possible, so no one is excluded due to finances. In turn, we ask that your donation be as generous as possible within your means. Please bring a check or cash. We are grateful for your support.

It is our intention that cost not be an impediment to practice, and sliding fee scale options and scholarships are available. If you cannot afford to attend without a fee reduction, you can ask for a scholarship, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss options and support.

Payment, Deposits
A non-refundable deposit of $120 is due at the time of registration. Full payment is due 45 days before the retreat start date; your credit card will automatically be charged at that time.

Cancellation, and Refund Policies
If you cancel your retreat at any time, the $120 registration fee is not refunded. If you cancel within 45 days of the retreat no refund will be given, but in an emergency we may grant exceptions on a case by case basis.

**If you feel that you would truly benefit from this workshop, but are not currently in a financial situation to attend, please email me at [email protected] directly to discuss other options.

Food and Meals
Three simple vegetarian meals a day will be provided from dinner the first day through lunch of the last, including solo food which does not require cooking or a stove. If you want a snack between meals, or supplemental protein such as jerky or packaged fish, you can bring a small quantity of packaged unrefrigerated food. Tea and coffee along with milk and sweeteners are available before and during breakfast. Please do not bring anything that needs refrigeration (medicine excepted). Excessive snacks are unnecessary: if you need a boost, a little gorp or an energy bar is sufficient for most people.

Special Needs
Figuring menus and quantities, shopping, organizing, and cooking are complex and crucial tasks for a retreat. We provide simple, wholesome, natural, predominantly organic, vegetarian meals. We can accommodate common food allergies such as gluten, soy or dairy, but not preferences. Make sure to include on the registration form full details of any special allergy or health needs you have beyond basic vegetarian.  If you have allergies beyond, nuts, gluten or dairy, contact Kayla and Lily to discuss if they can accommodate your allergy needs.  303-459-1012.

(Yogi) Jobs
Some of the work necessary to support the group will be handled by participants during the retreat. You will be able to choose your yogi job, and will keep it throughout the retreat. Most participants find serving others in this way quite enjoyable, and a great opportunity for practice in action.

What to Bring

Click Here for a What to Bring List



Rochelle Calvert
Rochelle Calvert has a devoted love to share the power and healing potential of mindfulness, somatic awareness and nature. She has studied and taught mindfulness for the past 16 years and knows personally the transformational potential. Rochelle currently leads courses and retreats in mindfulness, somatic experiencing and Awake in the Wild- nature-based mindfulness. She also facilitates professional trainings in mindfulness for clinicians and travels the country teaching seminars. She is a certified mindfulness teacher with the Mindfulness Teaching Institute and the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She has also trained and assisted with Mark Coleman and as an Awake in the Wild meditation teacher. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and somatic experiencing practitioner. She practices mindfulness-based meditation rooted in the Buddhist Theravada Tradition and practices meditation outside in nature daily.
Learn more about Rochelle Calvert
Gregory Crespo
Gregory Crespo is an Awake in the Wild nature meditation teacher, having trained with Mark Coleman to learn to foster a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world through mindfulness and contemplative practices. He has led weekend retreats and workshops and finds sharing mindfulness and nature practices with others to be a rewarding and inspiring part of life. He believes deeply that nature can be a healing and supportive element of meditation practice and that—for our own health and for the health of our planet—we as a species desperately need to reconnect with nature.  Gregory is also a husband, father, veteran, and attorney. He lives in Washington, D.C., where he works in civil rights enforcement and compliance.
Learn more about Gregory Crespo

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