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The Grief Journey as a Hero’s Journey, A Webinar with Donna Daniell, Wed July 19, 7 pm MST

The Grief Journey as a Hero’s Journey,
A Recorded Webinar with Donna Daniell
Wed July 19, 2023, 7 pm MST

Note that Donna will be leading an in-person retreat at RMERC on October 25-29, on Healing Yourself: Healing the World – A Mindful Path through Grief

And she will hold a Meet & Greet via Zoom on August 7th at 6 pm, at

Here’s the webinar 🙂


Learn how grief can create a “Hero’s Journey,” or powerful adventure into a mythic or spiritual realm that allows for personal growth and transformation. Joseph Campbell’s teachings about the power of myth in our lives, along with other Jungian scholars, show us how to get a different perspective beyond our personal pity party to a scaffolding of the universal human experience that we can begin to climb on. Seeing the value of a Hero’s Journey for our lives now, we are invited to muster our own fierce courage and determination to fully embrace our quest, to allow ourselves to finish our journey of grief to our own conclusion as our life is unfolding now. We will also explore the differences of a Heroine’s Journey versus a Hero’s Journey.

“In this presentation, I will offer practices and guidance about how to turn towards your grief with this courage and how to work with your fear. I will address tools and practices such as self-compassion and fierce courage in the face of fear that help you stay in the unknown darkness of not-knowing, of confusion, of lostness and despair to remain on this journey as it shapes and transforms you. We will talk about what embracing your grief may look like, the benefits, and how resolution of grief might show up in your life.”

This talk is designed for anyone who has experienced some event or events that have evoked deep and complex, big and painful feelings that you can identify as possibly grief. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a divorce or broken relationship, loss of a pet, parent or best friend–whatever has opened you up deeply and/or impacted your life’s course. You can also apply these tools and healing path for someone who is experiencing climate grief.

Donna is a transformational coach, meditation teacher and trauma specialist. She has practiced in the Boulder Longmont area for the past 30 years as a Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Trauma Therapist & Retreat Leader. She has facilitated women’s groups and workshops as a part of her women’s coaching practice over the past 15 years. She has been trained as a MBSR teacher and has received self-compassion teacher training from the Center for Mindfulness in San Diego with Kristin Neff and Chris Germer. Since the pandemic, she has been training and practicing with Deborah Eden Tull, and has completed the Heart of Listening 6 month Facilitator Training.

In 2020, Donna wrote a memoir entitled The Midlife Voyage to Transformation which she sells on her website ( This memoir shows how she used these healing practices to get through major challenges in her own midlife. Now Donna facilitates women’s nature-based mindfulness retreats specifically on healing from grief. She is dedicated to teaching women how to heal fully creating a “healing voyage” where turning towards our grief and pain brings a personal transformation and clear seeing that is vital for healing our world today.

Donna is offering an in-person retreat at RMERC in October, Healing Yourself: Healing the World – A Mindful Path Through Grief.

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