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Maria Talero

Dr. Maria Talero is a long-time educator and facilitator who believes that lasting social change arises from a deeper level than our fiery and righteous ideas of right and wrong – and that this level can be accessed by fostering empathetic and trusting relationships in organizations, workplaces and communities. She is a native of Colombia and was raised bi-culturally in the U.S., and is now raising two small kids and looking at the future through their young eyes. She partners with non-profits, faith communities, and educational and grassroots organizations in Colorado and is involved with  Social Permaculture Design Course and Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network, two organizations focused on social change through the vehicle of closely-knit relational pods. She is a 2014 NAAEE Community Climate Change Fellow through the Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored EECapacity program and the 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.

Events with Maria Talero

People of Color Ecodharma Retreat
July 20, 2021

Do you self-identify as a person of color and work within the climate & ecological justice movement? Do you feel burnt out and/or overwhelmed and need to recharge in an emotionally safe space where we gently witness and honor each other’s experience? Can we build a movement that is rooted in our deepest spiritual values and emotional truths? Can we engage in advocacy such that it is an integral part of our spiritual and emotional growth? Do you feel yoga, meditation, and trusting, empathetic emotional connection with others can help release internalized white supremacy and other stresses lodged in our bodies? If yes, come join us at the stunningly pristine and healing Rocky Mountain Ecodharma retreat center (RMERC) for a retreat designed for empowering self-identifying people of color involved in environmental or climate change-making work. You could be a community organizer, healer or healing arts practitioner, educator, activist, climate-mom, climate scientist, journalist, lawyer, author or storyteller. Through silent hikes, meditation, yoga, guided peer-to-peer dialogue in a strong container of emotional safety and trust, gratitude/grief/rage rituals and other group-work, we will explore how we can deepen activism as a spiritual path, learn to honor and transform our emotions through empathy and…

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