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Sarah Heffron

Sarah Heffron, LSCSW is a licensed clinical therapist and began sharing insight meditation in 1999.  Her first degree was in environmental studies and her first refuge was in the natural world.  It was in the whirlwind of defending the natural world, that she attended her first Vipassana retreat and then dove deeply into the Dharma, with the blessing of many longer retreats.  Since becoming a mother 14 years ago, she has practiced the more worldly and often messy Dharma of a parent-householder.  Participation in the Community Dharma Leader program and Dedicated Practitioner Program through Spirit Rock Meditation Center greatly contributed to finding grace amidst the grit whether in parenting, work, or activism.  In the past two decades, she has taught Dharma class series, daylong and weekend retreats (Utah, Colorado, and Kathmandu), as well as teaching mindfulness and yoga in schools for five years.  She is currently in the Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Program where she feels called to support the great transformation from the current paradigm of social and ecological injustice to a paradigm that respects and nourishes all beings.


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