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Pricing Options
  • CAMPING – $560.00
  • GLAMPING TENT – $625.00
  • CURTAINED ROOM – $625.00
  • RV CAMPING 1 - Lodge Parking Area – $625.00
  • RV CAMPING 2 - Overflow Parking Area – $625.00
  • SEMI-PRIVATE NOOK (Single) – $625.00
  • SINGLE ROOM – $735.00
  • DOUBLE (1 double bed; cost is for double occupancy) – $1,340.00
  • TRIPLE (SHARED) – $625.00
  • DOUBLE (SHARED) – $670.00

Date & Time Details:
Arrival at 4 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Departure at 11 am Sunday, September10, 2023

Contact: Peter Williams
[email protected]

Registration Questions:
Contact Kathy [email protected].

Scholarships :
See program description.

Early Bird Pricing:
Starting at $500 (Through June 11, 2023)

Starting at $560 (After June 11, 2023)

Registration and Program Payments:
$180 non-refundable registration fee. Full payment due 60 days before the program starts (your credit card will be automatically charged at this time).

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Presence, Relationship and Belonging in Nature

With Peter Williams

September 5 - 10, 2023

Program change, no proof of covid vaccination needed.

Presence, Relationship and Belonging in Nature

The truth of interdependence means that relationship is the fundamental reality. Our well-being depends on how well we relate to everything in our lives – ourselves, our loved ones, the world and all of nature. This retreat will cultivate deep relationship with the human realm and the natural world through mindfulness meditation, Insight Dialogue and outdoor practice. Meditation in nature quiets the mind and gladdens the heart, leading to clarity, ease and joy.  Insight Dialogue is an engaged co-meditation practiced in relation with others, contemplating dharma themes. We will explore the theme of Ecodharma and how Buddhist practice and understanding informs our response to the ecological crisis. There will also be Insight Dialogue with nature, a deep listening and speaking to the earth, which will touch the depth of our belonging to all of creation.

The retreat will be held in noble silence, interspersed with meditative speaking in Insight Dialogue. Bring appropriate dress and gear to be outside for extended periods. There will some periods of hiking, no more than 1 – 3 miles in a day.  Physical challenges will be respected and accommodated.
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Every effort is made to support a deep and fruitful retreat, and noble silence is a valuable part of the process. With exceptions for dharma talks and other modes of support, and special discussions, we will be in silence.


SHARED OCCUPANCY LODGING: Double and triple rooms are shared space; you will be sharing a room with someone you don’t know.  If you have a preferred roommate, you can send a request to [email protected] and we will try our best to move the two of you into a shared space.

Lodging Options

  • $510 Camping
  • $625 Curtain Room
  • $625 Glamping
  • $625|$1100 RV Camping
  • $625 Semi-Private Nook (single) see more details on registration page
  • $735  Single Room
  • $670  Shared Double (2 single beds; cost per person).
  • $1340 Double Room (1 double bed; cost per couple).
  • $625  Shared Triple (3 single beds; cost per person).


It is our intention that cost not be an impediment to practice.  If you cannot afford to attend without a fee reduction, you can ask for a scholarship on the registration web site, and then just pay the remaining amount.

Anyone with financial hardship is welcome to apply and will be assessed based on needs and fund availability. We ask that you request the lowest amount required to attend the retreat, so that we can offer support to as many people as possible. But do not let cost be an impediment to your attending; if you need a scholarship, please get one.

Payment, Deposits

A non-refundable deposit of $180 is due at the time of registration. Full payment is due 60 days before the retreat start date; your credit card will automatically be charged at that time.

Cancellation, and Refund Policies

  • If you cancel your retreat at any time, the $180 registration fee is not refunded.
  • Cancellations received 60-30 days prior will get a refund of half of the final payment.
  • Cancellations 30-7 days prior will get a refund of a quarter of the final payment.
  • For cancellations inside of 7 days there will be no refunds.

Teacher Donations (Dana)

None of this cost share goes to the teachers or to the manager, who are solely supported by the dana (generosity) of the participants. In the tradition of the Buddha, teachings are offered without a set fee, keeping costs as low as possible, so no one is excluded due to finances. In turn, we ask that your donation be as generous as possible within your means. Please bring a check or cash. We are grateful for your support.

Covid Information-  Testing Required for this retreat

Please read the complete RMERC covid policy here.   The Covid policy may change at anytime in accordance with the teacher’s discretion.

PRE-RETREAT. To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that you wear an N95 mask during travel, especially while in planes and other public spaces, regardless of federal rules, and that you are really careful for 10 days before your retreat. If you have any COVID symptoms please do not come to RMERC until you are well.

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, RMERC requires that everyone arriving at the retreat center provide a negative covid test result, preferably from a PCR test, taken less than 96 hours before the retreat.  If a PCR is not accessible, we require two rapid home tests, the first taken the day before the retreat, and the second taken the day of the retreat, with 24-36 hours between the two tests. Those using home tests should take time-stamped photos of both test results. This proof of negative test results must be presented before entering the lodge for your retreat.

Time and Transportation

The retreat begins at 4:00pm on the first day, and ends after lunch on the last day. If you are flying into Denver, the airport is about 90 minutes from the center, so you should plan on your flight arriving no later than 1:00pm to reach the retreat center on time. Return flights departing from the Denver airport should leave no earlier than 4:30pm, so you can get to the airport on time. Please do not plan on leaving the retreat early or arriving late. If camping, you might want to allow some extra time to set up your tent before the retreat starts.

Please note that the center is at 8500 feet, similar to most Colorado ski towns. If you are concerned about acclimating from sea level, you might consider arriving a day or two in the Denver/Boulder area before the retreat.


You will be out of contact with no internet access or cellphone service during the retreat. Please complete all personal business before you arrive. The staff will have the ability to make and receive emergency calls or emails on your behalf, but phone and internet are not available for personal use.

Food and Meals

Three simple vegetarian meals a day will be provided from dinner the first day through lunch on the last day. If you want a snack between meals, or supplemental protein such as jerky or packaged fish, you can bring a small quantity of packaged unrefrigerated food. Tea and coffee along with milk and sweeteners are available before and during breakfast. Please do not bring anything that needs refrigeration (medicine excepted). Excessive snacks are unnecessary: if you need a boost, a little gorp or an energy bar is sufficient for most people.

Special Needs

Figuring menus and quantities, shopping, organizing, and cooking are complex and crucial tasks for a retreat. We provide simple, wholesome, natural, predominantly organic, vegetarian meals. We can accommodate common food allergies such as gluten, soy or dairy, but not food preferences. Make sure to include on the registration form full details of any special allergy or health needs you have beyond basic vegetarian, and the cook will contact you if they require discussion.

Helper (Yogi) Jobs

Some of the work necessary to support the group will be handled by participants during the retreat. You will be asked to perform a yogi job throughout the retreat to support our practice community.  Most participants find serving others in this way quite enjoyable, and a great opportunity for practice in action..

 Peter’s What to Bring List



Peter Williams
Peter has practiced meditation for 29 years in the Theravada and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. He has done more than 31 months of silent retreat. He has taught insight meditation (mindfulness) since 2003 and has completed the Community Dharma Leader training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Peter teaches retreats and dedicated practitioner groups based in Longmont, CO. He has taught mindfulness to diverse audiences, from Colorado juvenile justices to school teachers to environmentalists. He is one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center in the mountains near Boulder, CO. Peter has been practicing as a transpersonal psychotherapist since 2007, using mindfulness and spirituality to heal emotional distress. In an 18-year career in the environmental field, Peter worked as an environmental educator for Massachusetts Audubon Society, as a wildlife biologist and lecturer at the University of Vermont, and as a consulting ecologist for groups such as the Nature Conservancy and the U. S. Forest Service. Peter enjoys playing piano, golfing, bird watching, hiking and being outdoors as much as possible.
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NOTE: The first and last days of back-to-back bookings overlap by one day.

That is, you can check in the same day as another party is checking out, or you can check out the same day as another party is checking in. Check-out time is 11 AM, and check-in time is 1 PM (disregard times on the calendar).