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Retreat Resources

Retreat Resources

The following resources may be of use to those attending a retreat at RMERC. Participants should also check with retreat leaders for information specific to their retreat.

RMERC Covid Policy

The 2021 RMERC Covid Policy is intended to insure everyone’s safety, and to help create a feeling of security and peace of mind during retreats.

Waivers and Documents

All participants must sign an RMERC Waiver and Release, and submit documentation related to covid vaccination and testing as described in the RMERC covid policy.

The waiver can be signed and all documents submitted electronically on the RMERC Waivers and Documents portal. Please email with any questions.

Equipment List

This ‘What to Bring” list is provisional and may require modification depending on the nature of the retreat, seasonal variations, requirements of the retreat leaders, and your individual needs. Please confirm details with your leader.

Travel and Getting There

There is no public transportation to the Retreat Center. Usually, leaders can help arrange rides from Boulder to the center; please contact the leader of your retreat to inquire.

If flying into Denver, several shuttles are available from DIA to Boulder (approximately 1 hour travel time), including Green Ride Boulder and RTD public transportation.

Equipment Rentals

Camping equipment was available for rent at REI in Boulder prior to the pandemic, but rentals were paused during the pandemic. Please call to confirm pricing and availability.

REI Boulder, 303-583-9970
Tent, $30-$50 first night + $5-$8 for each additional night
Sleeping bags, down $18 + $3
Pad, $10-$14 + $2
Backpack, $20-$24 + $3-$4


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