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In an effort to improve our retreat programming, RMERC has made several recent changes to our policies. Starting in 2023, leaders will have the option to use a lodging-based rental model, in which we only charge you for the lodging that yogis use. For lodging-based rentals, we will no longer require a 16 person minimum or a per person per night fee. Lodging-based rentals will need to use our registration system, which will establish standardized lodging rates. Currently, all public and private dana-based retreats are eligible to use this new model (see below for details of private retreats). Teachers are still responsible for retreat programming, screening participants, onsite management of their retreats (including yogi jobs and providing food and a cook), and promoting their retreats.

For leaders who stay with the original contract, RMERC will continue to charge a person per night fee and require a 16 person minimum, and you will need to provide your own registration system. We are calling this existing option an attendance-based rental, to distinguish it from the lodging-based rental above.

2023 Agreements and Rental Policies

For general review purposes; see your personal agreement and contract for specific details


Liability Insurance. All renters (leaders and their organizations) are required to have their own liability insurance, with RMERC listed as an additional insured. RMERC requires a copy of your liability insurance policy as soon as possible, and no later than 90 days before the start of your retreat. Please contact us with any questions. Please upload a copy of your insurance policy here:

Liability Waivers. All guests including teachers and staff are required to sign an RMERC liability waiver prior to arrival. The waiver can be signed electronically at If you or your organization also require a liability waiver, we can include it with the RMERC waiver if you wish (please send your waiver to [email protected]). All guests must complete the RMERC waiver before arrival at RMERC.

W-9 Forms. RMERC requires a signed W-9 form from all leaders (unless they receive no income). You can sign a W-9 form online here – after completing all relevant fields, click Sign & Complete at the top of the form:

Retreat Descriptions and Information

Please use the following form to submit information about your retreat. NOTE: you may complete part of the form and add more information later. You will receive an Edit Link in the confirmation email that you receive when you submit the form:

Covid Policies (subject to change)

Please read our covid policy here. Note that you may create policies for your retreat that are more strict than the RMERC policy if you wish. Please communicate these changes to us, and make sure they are clearly communicated in your retreat descriptions.

NOTE: We ask leaders or their staff to confirm covid testing results with each participant in their retreat, upon arrival at RMERC.

The following information about the RMERC policy should be included in your retreat description:

Covid Information

Please read the complete RMERC covid policy here.   The Covid policy may change at anytime as covid protocols shift.

Pre-Retreat. To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that participants wear an N95 mask during travel, especially while in planes and other public spaces, regardless of federal rules, and that you are really careful for 10 days before your retreat. If you have any COVID symptoms please do not come to RMERC until you are well.

Arrival. RMERC requires that everyone arriving at the retreat center provide a negative covid test result, preferably from a PCR test, taken less than 96 hours before the retreat, or if PCR is not accessible, two rapid home tests, the first taken the day before the retreat, and the second taken the day of the retreat, with 24-36 hours between the two tests. Those using home tests should take time-stamped photos of both test results. This proof of negative test results must be presented before entering the lodge for your retreat.

Covid Testing Sites: The closest PCR Covid testing center is at Stazio Ball Fields, Boulder: (map)

Lodging Options

In 2023, we will give leaders the option to host retreats in which doubles in the lodge and cabin are either:

    • occupied by a single yogi or by consenting yogis who have asked to share with a specific person
  • or
    • are shared spaces in which occupants do not know each other; yogis can request to room with a specific person, and we will do our best to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee matching

Please let us know before registration opens, which of these room options you wish to use.

Lodging options at RMERC include: rooms in the lodge (16), glamping sites below the lodge deck (2), camping sites (approximately 12), RV parking sites (2), Retreat Cabin (2-3 persons). Details are below.


Lodge: The lodge consists of 8 single rooms and 8 double rooms, located on three floor levels. Total occupancy of the lodge is 16 people if all rooms are used as singles to 24 people if all bed spaces are utilized.


The first floor has one double room with 2 beds (Room 2, which is accessed from the meditation room), a small room appropriate for teacher interviews or meetings (Room 1), and a bathroom (the bathroom has no shower). Room 2 could be used by a person with limited mobility as it is on the same floor as the dining and meditation room areas (but note the lack of a shower on this floor). Room 2 is a little darker than other rooms because the north window faces an embankment.

The second floor has 7 doubles and 1 single, and two bathrooms each with a shower. All of the doubles have two beds, except for Room 26, which has a double bed. The resident manager occupies Room 25.

The third floor has 7 single rooms, which include 2 ‘mini-singles’ and the ‘Hobbit Hut’ (so-called because of the low threshold and ceiling, which requires stooping to enter and stand in). There are no bathrooms on the third floor.

Glamping: Two glamping tents are available, sheltered in a space beneath the lodge and with south-facing exposure to the sun. The tents are provided with cots, blankets, and space heaters.

Camping: Primitive campsites (10 max, unless lodge is not used) are located below the Lodge and along South St. Vrain Creek. Campers must stay on the lodge side of the creek. Most of the sites are a 5-10 minute walk from the Lodge and from parking.

RV Camping: 2 RV camping sites are available (maximum occupancy, 2 persons/site). One site is located adjacent to the lodge and one site is located on the road up to Glacier View Ranch (see details on the Retreat Lodging Information page).

Retreat Cabin: The retreat cabin, about a 5-minute walk from the lodge, has a bedroom with 2 single beds, a curtained sleeping area with a foam mattress, a kitchen, and a bathroom. See additional information below regarding the cabin.

For Lodging-Based Rentals

What RMERC provides:

    • a registration form that collects information and responses from applicants
    • payment processing services
    • placement of staff and yogis in rooms
    • email communications between leaders and yogis (e.g. registration notifications, retreat notifications, updates, etc.)
    • carpool platform to help yogis get to the center

What the Leader or Retreat Manager provides

    • retreat programming
    • food and cook
    • replies to yogies about program-specific questions
    • screening participants
    • onsite management of retreats, including yogi jobs

Retreat Participant Lists

Lodging-Based Rentals: RMERC will compile and maintain records of yogi registrations, including profile information, food preferences, and yogi submissions of waivers and covid documentation (see Documentation below). These are available for leadres

Attendance-Based Rentals, 10 days before the retreat starts, leaders must provide RMERC with

    • Number of yogis and teachers in their retreat
    • Information for all yogis and staff: name, email address, phone number, and lodging type (lodge or camping).


RMERC sets up carpools for all Lodging-Based Rentals.

Leaders of Attendance-Based Rentals will need to handle carpools independently. Som carpool options:

    • Appoint a laison to organize and assist; perhaps the easiest and surest, but most time consuming.
    • Put the event name and date in the title, and use the 3-column option for one-way trips (return rides can usually be arranged on-site).
    • A shared Google Drive Document or Sheet. This can work well, but less good on mobile.
    • Jotform form (used by RMERC, but not easy to implement).
    • We will add to this list if we find better options; please let us know if you find a good option that is not on this list.

On-Site Logistics

Resident Managers

Our resident managers will be on-site to help with retreat logistics, including helping to get yogis settled and coordinating yogi cleaning jobs.

Retreat Managers

In addition, every retreat leader must designate a Retreat Manager as a point person for communications between the Resident Managers and your group. The Retreat Manager will also help get yogis settled and assign yogi jobs.

Leader and Staff Arrival

(2022 policy; this could change) Leaders, staff, and cooks may arrive at 2 pm on the first day of their retreat.  Our resident managers will be available to answer questions, but they will also be busy preparing for your retreat, so please be sensitive to their needs.  If you wish to ask any questions prior to the retreat, please call our resident managers (303-459-1012).

Group Arrival

Student arrival time is 4 pm (unless the retreat is starting earlier). If students arrive early, they will need to be outside until 4. They will not have access to water or toilets or shelter.


Checkout is by 1 pm (unless a later time has been pre-arranged).


Students who are camping can pick their own campsite down by the creek, but they must be on the same side of the creek as the lodge. No camping is allowed in the meadow. There is also a small grassy spot next to the lodge right off the east facing deck where they are welcome to camp. Campsites can be anywhere in the grass between the deck and the shady trees, but not up in the trees. No campsite should be visible from the road.

Kitchen and Meals

A commercial-grade kitchen is available in the lodge for your retreat. Our resident managers will orient your cook and help facilitate yogi jobs. Most leaders allow students to bring snacks and supplements, and a small yogi refrigerator is available for their use.

Facility Resources

Available for group use: meditation hall (holds up to 30), meditation gong (Tibetsan bowl), zafus and zabutons (20-25), chairs (15), portable PA system (with lithium batteries), dry erase board.

Yogi Jobs

We ask each yogi to spend about 1 hour per day helping us manage the center. They will do the same job every day.  Yogi jobs usually include meal prep (an hour before each meal), meal clean up (starting 30-45 min after the meal begins, and bathroom cleaning (about 45 mins, anytime in the afternoon). In addition, we ask that leaders or the retreat manager delegate clean up tasks on the last day; last-day clean up takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Depending on group size, we generally use: 3-4 yogis to prep each meal, 3-4 yogis for meal clean up, 1-3 yogis to clean bathrooms , 1 yogi to manage the coffee/tea area, and everyone helps at the end of the retreat.

Orientation and Dana Talks

Our resident managers will give an orientation talk usually about 15 minutes after dinner is served and while people are still eating.  The orientation is about 20 minutes long.

The managers will also give a Dana talk for the Center usually about 15 minutes after breakfast is served on the last day of the retreat. The dana talk is about 15 minutes long.

Use of the Cabin for Group Retreats

The personal retreat cabin at RMERC is available for use by group retreats, provided that it is available (not previously booked). The cabin includes a small but complete kitchen, bathroom with shower, a bedroom with two single beds, and a living room with a curtained sleeping space. Blankets and pillows are provided and there is a landline phone (303-459-1122) but no internet. If used by participants, we recommend that single-gender occupancy.

For lodging-based rentals, the cabin should be booked before the retreat opens for registration.

For attendance-based rentals, the fee for the cabin is $100 per night: this is in addition to the regular per person charges for the retreat. Cabin fees will be added to your invoice.

Cancellations outside of 45 days get a refund less a $120 cancellation fee. Inside of 45 days no refunds will be made unless dates are re-rented, in which case you get a refund for rebooked nights, less the $120 cancellation fee.

Cabin information

Linens, bedding, and meals at the lodge are provided as part of the group retreat. Please do not plan on cooking meals in the cabin unless that is arranged with the resident managers.

A cleaning and/or damage fee may be assessed if things are not found to be clean and in good order. Please let us know immediately if any damages occur during your visit.

The cabin must be completely cleaned by checkout time, 12 noon, using the checklist in the cabin, regardless of retreat ending time. All trash must be removed and either brought to the lodge or taken home.

Fires, smoking, candles, or open flames of any kind, inside or outside, are strictly forbidden. Please do not play recorded music outside. No recreational drugs or alcohol are permitted.

Cost and Pricing for Attendance-Based Rentals

Scholarship Support

Organizers of dana-based retreats must offer some kind of scholarship or sliding scale option so that people are not turned away for reasonable lack of funds. We ask that those scholarship or sliding scale options be at least 50% of the base price.

In addition, RMERC will provide matching funds for scholarships, of up to 25% of the program price. For example, if a program offers a scholarship to a yogi of 50% of the price, then RMERC will contribute 25%, the program will contribute 25%, and the yogi will pay the remaining 50% of the price.


RMERC promotes public retreats by

    • Listing retreats on our website Retreats Page
    • Promoting to our email and membership lists
    • Promoting on our Facebook page

RMERC Behind the Scenes

Spafford Ackerly and Kathy BallekMeet Kathy Ballek, the RMERC Registrar, and Spafford Ackerly, our Operations Manager. Kathy and Spafford live not far from RMERC (30 minutes along the Peak to Peak Highway), and they take care of a much of the backend paperwork and IT needs. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected] with any questions.


For other contact information, see Contact Us.

  • If you are inquiring about details regarding a specific retreat, please contact the retreat organizers directly. Thank you!
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