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Embodying Sympathetic Joy, with Frederic Wiedemann, June 21, 2022

Frederic Wiedemann, presents our 2nd Member Webinar:

Embodying Sympathetic Joy

Cultivate the joy within our inner body,
then celebrate it and radiate it out to a world in need

Date: June 21st, 2022

Time: 4:15-5:00 pm PT / 5:15-6:00 pm MT / 7:15-8:00 pm ET

Meeting Zoom Details are Below

I invite you into a deep exploration. Let’s experience and embody Mudita – sympathetic Joy. This is one of the Four Immeasurables or Boundless Qualities; in Sanskrit, the Four Brahmaviharas.

I’m not a formal Buddhist teacher nor have I been trained deeply in any Buddhist lineage. I’m using this title to convey a sense of play, exploration and bringing all of (y)our practices, concepts, and theoretical understandings of “sympathetic joy” into a felt sense in the inner body.

See my bio below:  I am a synthesizer of many traditions and lineages. I have just returned from a profound three week journey in Perú, connecting more deeply than ever with Pacha Mama.

I have deliberately scheduled this online seminar to be shorter than most, and to be late in the afternoon to encourage you to take your laptop or phone outdoors and plant your naked feet on our beautiful earth. And on the Equinox! A perfect day to sense and radiate joy.

We will probably be playing at your edge – breathing in a foundational way you have never experienced before, using your voice in ways you may consider embarrassing (hint: just relax into it and enjoy the liberation), and tuning into very small, subtle movements.

All for what purpose? To embody sympathetic joy. To sense it in our inner body, celebrate it, and extend it – in loving kindness – to a humanity, and a planet, in desperate need of our Love and Joy.

So come to play with all of this – drop your doctrines, lineages and teachers … and let’s marvel together.

Delightful “homework” if you wish: study this short video, and attune your breathing to it:

Once you can breathe with your diaphragm as the primary activator, drop your awareness into your lower belly, and sense at least four contradictory emotions there.

Upcoming Retreat!

Follow up with Frederic and Josh Ellis during their upcoming summer retreat, July 6-10, Nature + Mindfulness + Joy: “This will not be your typical meditation retreat – not fully silent, a lot more fun, events held entirely outdoors, and focused on JOY … in glorious mid-summer, at 8600 feet, in the Rockies”.

Frederic’s Bio

Mission: Which I’ve been hacking, tweaking and crystallizing for 50 years now – Good Lord!  I’m finally down to a mere five words!  … “Explore, embody, and share wholeness.”

Big Picture:

  • 45 years in psychotherapy and life coaching practice
  • 47 years guiding outdoor adventure in Nature
  • Scholar and published author of Between Two Worlds: The Riddle of Wholeness
  • Founder and Director of two educational nonprofits
  • Social Activist, long history …
  • Founder and developer of a revolutionary new Wisdom Circle format, accessing soul wisdom
  • Previous Human Resources VP for an entrepreneurial start-up rocketing to $50,000,000
  • Creator of outdoor works of art, stonde circles and mini-sacred sites – out of Nature’s materials
  • Poet
  • Deliberate Synthesis:

I have deliberately synthesized my background in clinical psychology, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, somatic experience, neuroscience, wisdom traditions, evolutionary psychology, yoga, solo vision quests, professional dance and world travel adventures into practical and loving teachings.


I have been doing Jungian “shadow work” for 50 years now. Deep, ongoing, relentless examination of my subterranean forces, especially during a mid-life crisis, in 2003, at the end of my two year learning sabbatical in Kashmir, India, and Maui. I descended into a private hell: homeless, in deb and suicidal. It took a year of  my own therapy, psychiatric medication, and the astounding help of my family and friends to confront this mid-life death and rebirth. Facing this dragon so fully has unequivocally renewed my life and enriched my sacred work.

Meeting Details

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